Easel was developed by Silver Image Creative for and with the Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education. Originally known as Action Research Publication System (ARPS), its purpose was to provide an easy way for educators and artists to document their classroom projects on-line.

As ARPS was licensed for use by other organizations, it continued to expand features, especially in the area of curriculum development. Additional communication tools allow ARPS/Easel to be used as an integral part of the curriculum process, not just as documentation of that process.

By having a central, password-protected administration area available on-line, project team members do not need to be in the same physical location to work on their documentation, and the published web sites are available for all to see on the web.

Today, Easel users have a host of ways to custom-fit the installation to meet their specifc needs.

Click on the links below to see examples of curriculum units produced using Easel.

Agassiz, grades 3 & 4 – Effects of Change: Water and Landform Series

New York City Center/PS 193, grades K-2 – ThinkDance

Habla – Into the Labyrinth

Fort Dearborn – Crossing the Line: Patterns in Math and Design

Northeast Middle School – Literature about Conservation and the Environment

For a tour of Easel, please call 773.477.7118 or e-mail.
The Easel Curriculum Development and Documentation Resource has been used by:

    Minneapolis Public Schools
        Arts for Academic Achievement

    Alameda County (CA) Office of Education
        Art is Education Classroom Action Research
        Teacher Action Research Institute
        Words that Made America

    Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education
        Design Seminar
        Partnership for Arts Education Research
        Special Projects
        Supporting Communities through
            Arts Learning Environments
        Veteran Partnerships

    Chicago Public Schools
        Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster
        International Baccalaureate
        Technology Magnet Cluster
        World Languages Magnet Cluster

    Empire State Partnerships
        Evidence of Teacher and Student Learning

    Music-in-Education National Consortium
        Learning Laboratory School Network Project

    New England Conservatory
        Music-in-Education Digital Student Portfolios

    Pittsburgh Public Schools
        Culturally Responsive Arts Education

        Music Discovery Wisdom Network

    VSA, Kennedy Center
        Communities of Practice